Marshall County Commissioners Approve Paperwork in Property Tax Issue

The Marshall County Commissioners received an update this week on an issue concerning a property tax complaint.

Jean Klinedinst appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners in October where she presented an issue with her taxes on her property at Kreighbaum Lake. She stated that she and her husband were paying taxes on part of a parcel of land that is in the lake. Klinedinst said a survey was completed and found that 18 acres of the 41 acres of property on which she owns is in the lake. She has been paying taxes on water and that’s not normally how the system works.

Klinedinst asked the commissioners if there was some way to deed the water portion of her property to the county so she wouldn’t have to pay taxes on water.

County attorney Jim Clevenger told the commissioners this week that if he could get the commissioners’ approval, he would draw up the paperwork to get the process rolling so that portion of the property that is in the lake could be deeded to the county. The commissioners approved the go-ahead and the paperwork will be signed at a future meeting.