Marshall County Commissioners Approve Rezoning Request

The Marshall County Commissioners at their meeting last night approved a request from a resident to rezone two parcels of land from lake residential zoning to agricultural. Plan Director Ralph Booker approached the commissioners alongside resident Fredrick Girard, who is requesting the rezoning in order to allow him to raise goats on his land.

The property in question is located at 4367 West Shore Drive in Bremen. One half of the property is located in North Township with the other half located in German Township.

The zoning Girard is requesting would allow him to raise livestock with limitations. He would be able to raise livestock for 4-H purposes, personal enjoyment or as a hobby, and would allow for agricultural fences and composting.

The commissioners opened a public hearing and heard from two local residents with questions regarding the rezoning request. One man voiced concerns over property value, groundwater and run-off, asking how Girard would be handling the waste. Girard said he would use it for gardening compost.

The commissioners approved the request with Commissioner Deb Griewank opposed.