Marshall County Commissioners Discuss Buggy and Trailer Plates

Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck gave the commissioners an update on costs of buggy plates and trailers in area counties.

The commissioners are attempting to find a way to repair roads that have a lot of horse and buggy traffic. Horse hooves and the buggy wheels create damage to the roads that aren’t made to sustain that type of traffic and Marshall County absorbs a lot of the cost of repairs.

Haeck said that he talked to highway superintendents and township trustees in LaGrange and Elkhart Counties. In Elkhart County, buggy plates are $25 and trailer plates are $17. Those fees total $155,000 per year and that money is used to maintain roads that are utilized by those who travel by horse and buggy.

In LaGrange County, it is $60 for buggy plates and $20 for trailer plates. $421,640.30 comes into the county for road maintenance. A wheel tax is also plays a part of the fees.

The commissioners took the information under advisement for a future discussion.