Marshall County EMA Warns of Potential Flooding

Residents who live in flood-prone areas may be in for a soggy Christmas celebration due to a combination of rain and melting snow. Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery says ditches and creeks may flood, and ponding on roads and potential wash-outs are all possible. He urges anyone who has experienced issues with flooding in the past to take precautionary measures to ensure safety. He recommends using an all-hazards weather radio to stay informed about potential dangers and developing a family safety plan. Additionally, Avery says you should never let children play around high water areas, ditches or storm drains. He adds that barricades are put up for protection and says you should never try to drive around one. Turn around, don’t drown – don’t drive through flooded roadways, as the pavement underneath may be washed out. Also, Avery says motorists need to be extra cautious at night when it is more difficult to recognize flood dangers.