Marshall County Highway Department Updates Commissioners

Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck gave the commissioners and update this week on the activities of his department. Haeck said his department is looking to perform a road cut for resident Joe Stoffer for farm drainage and asphalt surface, beginning this week through Jan. 18. The cut, he said, would take place between 3rd and 4th roads on Grape Road.

The commissioners passed a motion approving his request.

Haeck also explained that his deparmtne was looking into the purchase of a worksite trailer. He said the purchase would cost $30,000, but it could be rented for $235 per month. However, the commissioners said they are not interested in spending that much money.

Finally, Haeck told the commissioners that there is a call for projects for bridges and other work. Federal funding will be available but he is not sure how the funding would be split or how much is available. He said he submitted a project for work on the bridge on Hickory Road for roughly $1.6 million with the entire project costing just over $2 million.