NWS Reporting Station at Starke County Airport Down

A number of Starke County residents have been unable to check the weather specifically for Knox due to a failing reporting station at the Starke County Airport. According to an official with the National Weather Service, this reporting station has been down for a while, but it doesn’t have much of an effect on their ability to predict and monitor weather. There are other sites in the surrounding area and observers that give weather information on a daily basis, but the malfunctioning reporting station does prevent Knox-specific weather from being reported.

An official at the Starke County Airport said that the disruption occurred a few weeks ago and was due to a cut cable. She said the airport is working on getting information on how to repair it and working with an engineering company to proceed with the fix. She said they may need to lay a new cable, and a board meeting was scheduled for yesterday to discuss the matter further.