Plymouth Man Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison

Andrew White
Andrew White

A ten-year prison sentence was handed down to a Plymouth man Thursday afternoon in Marshall County Superior Court 1.

Judge Robert O. Bowen accepted a sentencing agreement between Andrew White’s defense attorney and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Nelson Chipman where White pleaded guilty to charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Possession of Stolen Property. White was sentenced to 10 years on the Manufacturing Methamphetamine charge and 18 months for the Possession of Stolen Property charge. Four years of the sentence was suspended.

The case started in September of 2012 when a burglary was reported at the former location of Stone Creek Homes. A number of items were stolen including a cargo box truck. Police received information that the box had been removed from the truck and was located at a residence on Rose Road. It was also learned that the truck had been dismantled and sold at scrap yards in the area. Through an investigation, police determined that White sold over 3,000 pounds of steel to Lewis Salvage in Warsaw. Photographs of the scrapped items were provided to police. The previous box truck owner was also able to supply photographs. One photo showed a distinctive dent on the truck.

A police detective went to the Rose Road address and saw a cargo box that had been removed from a truck and recently painted. The box had the identifiable dent that police were able to match with the photograph provided. A large box was also found inside the bed of a truck on the property labeled Stone Creek Homes.

A search warrant was executed Dec. 6, 2012 at the Rose Road property where Andrew White was found to be on the property manufacturing methamphetamine. He was then arrested on the charges of Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Possession of Stolen Property. Another suspect in the case, Danny Steinke, was previously sentenced in this case.