Pulaski Council Declines Exception in Pay Rate of Administrative Asst

The Pulaski County Council this week decided not to make an exception in the pay rate of a part-time administrative assistant for the probation department at the behest of Hollie Schultz. Schultz told the council that her office has no full-time administrative person, though they have two part-timers, one of whom has been recently replaced.

Schultz said the new employee has a lot of experience and education in the field and asked that she be paid 90 percent of the experienced wage, making for a rate of $11.70 which would increase to $13 after the employee works 630 hours. Her wage, according to Schultz, would be paid out of the probation user fees fund, not the county general fund.

However, county employees typically start at an inexperienced rate of $9.46, but exceptions have been made in the past. Schultz urged the council to make an exception in this case, stating that the employee lives in Star City and has 20 years of administrative experience, including work at the West Central School Corporation. She also boasts a degree in administration.

Unfortunately, the council did not make any motion to allow for an exception, effectively mandating the employee start out at the rate of $9.46.