Pulaski EMS Dept. May Need to Expand Ambulance Garage

The Pulaski County Council this week heard a report from EMS Director Nikki Lowry, who told the commissioners that they are looking into the purchase of a new ambulance next year but there are a few problems. Lowry said the new ambulance will likely cost around $120,000, but the new rigs are bigger and the facilities available in Pulaski County to house ambulances are not big enough to accommodate them.

Lowry said the facilities can be expanded, but it would be a costly procedure that involves installing a new door, lengthening the building, and redesigning the bay. She said the building also needs insulation and new carpeting.

In addition, Lowry said there is a recall order issued for defibrillators, and the units used in Pulaski County are among the models listed on the recall. The commissioners asked her to put together a list of defibrillators to allow them to put together a testing schedule to ensure the equipment is in good shape.