Rental Properties in Knox Require Registration

Any rental property owners within the corporate limits of Knox are required to register their rental properties beginning January 2014. Bruce Williams, planning commission for the city, told WKVI that all rental properties must be registered with the city planning commission.

Rental property owners are required to fill out a two-page form and bring it in. Williams said the cost is $25 per unit to register, and owners must also set up an appointment to have the property inspected.

“It’s always been an ordinance, and it’s something that they’re really pushing for to reinstate. Actually, we have in the city of Knox approximately between 800 and 1000 rental units, and we do get a lot of complaints about landlords and tenants also, and that’s why we are reinstating this,” Williams said.

There are deadlines to register based on the rental property owner’s last name. For more information, call the planning office at (574) 772-5445.