Resolve to Get Healthy This New Year

With the new year just a few short days away, many people are already composing their lists of new year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions people make is to get fit and be healthy; unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult, often requiring a big change in lifestyle.

Fortunately, Trisha Metz, marketing director for Fitness Forum Sports and Wellness, has some advice for those looking to get in shape for the coming year. She said Stephanie Ferch, a certified personal trainer at Fitness Forum, suggests having a gym membership or personal trainer to give you the accountability that is required to stay true to your fitness goal. Ferch also said you need to be committed and be willing to make sacrifices in your life to stay true to your routine.

Time management and nutrition are also vital, she said. Pre-plan your week and make a grocery list; stick to the healthy choices. Finally, have fun; try different kinds of exercise and find what is fun for you.

Metz also spoke with Whitney Trent, another certified personal trainer at Fitness Forum, who had some advice as well.

“Whitney suggests that you write your goals down, and even more importantly after you’ve written it down, have a deadline for your goal. If you don’t have a deadline, then it could easily be put off. Be accountable, so tell your friends and family and have them keep you going,” said Metz.

That’s not enough, however. Motivation and support are also vital.

“Join a group class or a program, something like the Fitness Forum Sports and Wellness Best Loser Competition is a great way to stay motivated and get the support that you need. And take before and after measurements or picture to really track your progress,” Metz said.