Scammer Attempts to Defraud State Police Detective

An unfortunate scammer claiming to be a deputy from the Indiana State Police attempted to swindle an actual state police detective. A press release from the state police said a message had been left on the detective’s voicemail, stating a warrant would be issued for his arrest if he did not call back immediately.

This latest scam typically threatens to arrest the victim if they don’t pay the fines for some fabricated crime or debt and, to make matters worse, the crooks often have some personal information about the victim, which make them seem more legitimate.

The state police detective investigating the complaint turned the tables on the scammer and called him, but the scammer didn’t answer; however, the criminal called back and proceeded to tell the detective that he had a warrant for his arrest. He explained that in order to take care of it and avoid being arrested at work, the detective would need to buy two Green Dot money packs for $1,000 and then call him back with the account number. The conversation, which lasted more than 30 minutes ,eventually ended after the scammer was fully convinced that he was talking to the police.

Sergeant Trent Smith with the Indiana State Police said the investigation in the case continues, but he expects it will turn into a dead end. He said the calls originate from cell phones across the country and tracking down the con artist is no easy task.

The best defense against scams is to stay informed and practice caution. Smith urges everyone to remember that an influx in this type of crime is often seen during the holiday season.