Snowmobile Ordinance in Effect in Knox

With Christmas behind us and the new year ahead, snow in the Kankakee Valley has, for the most part, melted away, but there’s sure to be more snow on the way. With the soft blanket of snow soon to be on the ground once again, many residents are itching to get their snowmobiles out for some winter fun. However, the city of Knox and other municipalities have ordinances on the books regulating the use of snowmobiles, so it’s wise to check with your local officials to ensure you are obeying the law.

In Knox, snowmobiles may be permitted to operate on the public rights-of-way adjacent to the traveled portion of the streets, but they cannot be operated on any sodded or grassed areas if there is sufficient width to operate it at a reasonable distance off and away from the flow of traffic.

Snowmobiles are limited to certain areas in Knox, namely on Culver Road from County Road 300 East to Highway 35, John Street from County Road 500 East to Roosevelt Road, and Washington Street from Sellers Avenue to Bower Street. They can also be operated on County Road 300 East from the north city limits to the south cit limits, Roosevelt Road from the south city limits to John Street, Bower Street from John Street to Washington Street, Williams Street from Culver Road to John Street, County Road 500 East from Culver Road to John Street, and Sellers Avenue from John Street to the north city limits.

In addition, snowmobiles may only be operated within the city between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. They must also maintain speeds less than 5 mph unless otherwise posted.