Starke County Sheriff’s Department Pill Drop-Box Used Often, Says Cowen

 The Starke County Sheriff’s Department is home to a 24-hour prescription drop-box, giving residents the opportunity to drop off expired, unused or unwanted prescription medications 365 days a year. Previously, the sheriff’s department only housed a prescription drop-box during programs once per year, and now, Sheriff Oscar Cowen said they’re happy to have a full-time drop-box available at all times.

Cowen said the program is all thanks to Joan Haugh with Community Services of Starke County, who approached Cowen and explained that they had a grant to fund the drop-box. Cowen said the box is installed and it’s being used more than he expected.

“It’s been a program that has worked out great for us, thanks to the assistance of Joan Haugh and Community Services, we were able to install a regular drop box into the lobby of the jail and it’s been utilized frequently,” Cowen said.

The drop-box allows anyone to drop off medication to be disposed of, and a lock-and-key system allows police to keep all deposits safe and secure until the box is emptied out.

“So, with that, we then have a key to the container to empty them in a box that we secure and turn the pills over to the state,” said Cowen.