Telephone Scammer Claims to Be From Federal Government

WKVI News has gotten word of another telephone scam that appears to be an attempt to separate residents from their cash. In this case a caller with a thick foreign accent claims to be from the United States Treasury and says he has money for the caller, he just needs her bank account number so the funds can be deposited within 45 minutes. When the caller asked why she was receiving money she was told it was because she did not have a criminal record. She became suspicious and told the the man she would need to call him back, but was instead told he would return her call in a few minutes. She tells WKVI News she never received a return telephone call. When she tried to call the number back, she got a message that all circuits were busy. The caller apparently knew the name of the person associated with the telephone number he was calling. Law enforcement and bank officials remind people to always verify the identity of a person who calls before giving them any bank account or Social Security numbers in order to avoid becoming the victim of identity theft. If a caller is legitimate, they will give you information to return their call. If you have fallen victim to such a scam, notify your bank and the police immediately.