West Central School Board Discusses Budget

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
The West Central School Board discussed the corporation’s budget at their recent meeting.

Superintendent Charles Mellon said the corporation received the 1792 notice and the board reviewed the notice.

“I went through that with the board and explained the rationale behind some of the budget cuts with the main reason being the reduction in revenue coming in,” said Mellon.

Mellon added that the state did reduce appropriations from what he had built into the budget.

“Some of that we knew was going to happen so it’s not really a critical issue. I think we still have approved more appropriations than what we were going to actually use, which is normally what we try to do. That way, down the road if something does happen, we don’t have to ask for additional appropriations. The appropriations would be there.”

The corporation experienced a loss in enrollment which caused the budget numbers to be a little lower than normal.