22-Year-Old Charged With Possession of Heroin, Driver Never Licensed

Cody Cappis-Woods
Cody Cappis-Woods
A 22-year-old Kingsford Heights man was arrested on Friday after he was allegedly found driving without a license and provided false information to police. According to the report, police were dispatched around 6:20 p.m. to investigate a reckless driver in a black truck that had just turned onto Boyd Boulevard from Highway 35.

Upon arrival in the 2100 block of Boyd Boulevard near the water treatment plant, police observed a black Pontiac Sunfire traveling faster than recommended for the snow and icy conditions, clocking the driver at 48 mph in a 40 mph zone. A few minutes later, police located the black Pontiac off the roadway near Bunny Bread Company.

During the investigation, the driver of the vehicle, Cody Cappis-Woods, 22 of Kingsford Heights, initially identified himself to police as Zach Wilson. Cappis-Woods’ true identity was verified and it was learned that he had never been licensed to drive. Cappis-Woods was taken into custody for false informing, a Class B misdemeanor and driving while never licensed, a Class C misdemeanor. He was also cited for speeding and driving while suspended.

Upon being transported to the LaPorte County Jail, booking officers located a bag of white powder substance inside Cappis-Woods’ medical inhaler. This substance field tested positive for heroin. He was additionally charged with possession of a schedule I controlled substance (heroin), a Class D felony.