A Change in Manufacturer Points System in 2014

NASCAR has restructured the manufacturers points system which will make it a little easier to understand while still making it competitive.

The system will mirror the owner championship points structure. Points will be awarded to the single highest finisher for each car manufacturer in each championship event according to the finishing position awarded for each race.

Sprint Cup Series – 43-1 plus bonus points
Nationwide Series – 43-4 plus bonus points
Camping World Truck Series – 43-4 plus bonus points.

Three additional bonus points will be awarded to the manufacturer that wins the race. The single highest finisher for each manufacturer will receive an additional bonus point for leading a lap, and one additional point for leading the most laps.

The example given: If a Toyota finishes in each of the top three positions and the winning car leads the most laps while a Chevrolet finishes fourth without leading a lap, Toyota will receive 48 points and Chevrolet will receive 40 points.