Ancilla College Urges Veterans to Take Advantage of Education Benefits

Ancilla College is urging any and all veterans to take advantage of their education benefits in light of a startling statistic mentioned by Admissions Director Eric Wignall, who said only one out of every 10 veterans use any of their education benefits. Wignall said veterans are welcome to Ancilla College and the admissions staff and counselors will do everything they can to ensure you get the most bang for your buck from your education benefits to ensure you obtain that higher education you deserve.

“I say this upfront to any veteran who might be listening: your education is exceptionally important because of not only your service to the country but also to yourself. It’s one of those where we understand the statistics – 90 percent of military veterans in the state of Indiana never use a single dollar of their education benefits. They come home from the service and they go to work, they live their lives, and they don’t go back to school,” Wignall said.

Wignall said Ancilla College offers an “open pathway” for any veteran who wants to go back to school. The college is a military-friendly institution, he said, that has gone through the hoops to make use of education benefits for students, and they have people on staff that will help you in any way.

With 18 different degree programs available, Wignall said it’s the perfect opportunity to get the credentials you need to succeed. He said the nursing program at Ancilla College is a classic associate’s program that allows you to finish school in three years, do clinical work, and obtain your Registered Nurse license. Even better, Wignall said that last year, the starting salary for nurses was higher than the starting salary for attorneys in the state.

It’s never too late to sign up at Ancilla, Wignall said, but the sooner, the better.

“We are an open-door institution. Our classes start next week; you can still sign up for classes all the way through next week. We have short-session classes, which means that they’re essentially half a semester long. We have Saturday courses, evening courses; we have online courses,” Wignall said.

Ancilla also offers two summer terms for students at the end of the spring term, with a rolling admissions process to ensure it’s never too late.

For more information, call 1-866-ANCILLA or go online to