Cold and Wind Hamper INDOT’s Efforts to Clear Roads

 INDOT snow plow drivers are fighting a losing battle with Mother Nature as they try to clear snow from the roads. They advise blowing and drifting snow has intensified and icy conditions persist on nearly all roadways. All roads should be considered extremely slick and hazardous, and motorists are discouraged from driving in non-emergency situations.

The sub-zero temperatures are wreaking havoc on plow trucks and other heavy machinery, and this is forcing repairs in the midst of plow routes. Roads are also drifting shut soon after they are cleared by plows, and abandoned vehicles on some roadways are making it impossible to clear them. Additionally, road salt is less effective in these frigid temperatures, making it very difficult to remove hard-pack snow and ice without a spike in temperatures. INDOT officials stress that motorist safety is their primary concern when they ask people to stay off the roads. If you insist on being out, take it slow and carry a charged cell phone and emergency kit in your car. Remember, these road conditions are slowing response times for police, firefighters, EMTS and tow trucks. Frostbite and hypothermia can develop very quickly on exposed skin, and you may freeze to death before help arrives.