Culver EMS to Continue Serving Monterey

The town of Monterey in Pulaski County will continue being served by Culver EMS after the county commissioners this week decided to stay with the agreement in place with Culver EMS that renews annually. Brandon Cooper with Culver EMS approached the commissioners and explained that the contract between his department and the county had lapsed, and he proposed a three-year contract at $6000 per year to ensure they keep the same rate.

However, county attorney Kevin Tankersley said the agreement automatically renews each year, so it had not expired, and said the commissioners could elect to stay with the current EMS service or allow Pulaski County EMS to provide service to Monterey.

Commissioner Terry Young said Culver EMS makes more sense logistically, as it is only seven miles away from the town. The commissioners approved a motion to continue allowing Culver EMS to provide the service.

Cooper also told the commissioners that his department is looking into providing a higher level of care by improving their ambulance service to advanced life support. He estimated that would begin around July 1.