Culver Park Board Terminates Superintendent


The Culver Park Board earlier this month voted to end the tenure of park superintendent Kelly Young after park board president Tammy Shaffer said she had learned that Young was uncomfortable with the park board and the “current work environment,” according to the Culver Citizen.

Shaffer also noted that the controversies have created a division in the community, and said that some park employees are “afraid to come forward” to report incidents. Further, Shaffer said some employees expressed that racial comments and slurs had been made in their presence.

Shaffer said that some members of the public have also been told that anyone wishing to rent a boat slip at the town park must sign on a wait list, when no such list exists.

Shaffer moved to discharge Young from her superintendent position. The motion passed, and Young has until the end of January to end her residence at the beach lodge apartment as previously decided.