Double-Check Your Winter Preparedness

With subfreezing temperatures forecast for at least the next week, now is the perfect time to double-check your winter weather preparedness. Sherry Fagner with the Pulaski County Health Department said a good checklist includes a food backup plan, plenty of stocked water, and a number of other items in case disaster strikes.

Fagner recommends having enough food for at least three days and enough water for several days as well in case the electricity goes out or your pipes freeze. She said the amount of water should be sufficient to be used for sanitation purposes and for cooking. For food, she said it’s important to not only have nutritious items, but to stash some comfort food as well to prevent getting stir-crazy.

Finally, there are a few odds and ends that Fagner said are very important to have.

“Definitely make sure your cellphones are charged. Have portable chargers and extra batteries, shovels, windshield scrapers. Definitely take snack food with you and also bottled water. Extra hats and coats are always great. Blankets. Make sure you have booster cables with you, tow chains also. Make sure you have a first-aid kit with you, maybe a few tools. Paper towels, waterproof matches, if you need them,” Fagner explained.

It’s also wise to stock up on winter clothing, like coats, gloves, hats, scarves and blankets. Fagner said it’s important to layer up and limit exposed skin.

“Basically what we recommend is layer up. Make sure you limit your exposed skin when you’re out in such cold temperatures, and just make sure and be smart about travel. Follow the advice that’s put out by the county on travel statuses for the roads, and just stay tuned to your local media for all that information,” said Fagner.