Eastern Pulaski Schools Won’t Receive Capital Projects Levy


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation will not be receiving a levy for their capital projects plan this year, according to Superintendent Dan Foster. He told WKVI that the Department of Local Government Finance has informed them that they need to decrease their capital projects funding, dropping their levy for that fund.

“According to the DLGF, we had accumulated a little bit too much funds in there and we need to decrease that a little bit. Oddly enough, even though we have some plans in the works and everything, we’re not allowed a tax levy in the capital projects this next year,” said Foster.

Foster said the school board also recently approved their bus replacement plan, and they are looking at quotes to present to the bus replacement committee. The corporation is scheduled to replace two buses this year.

He said the corporation also adopted their budget and their financial goals, focusing on ways to decrease expenses and increase revenue into student instruction.