Governor Issues Propane Delivery Proclamation

Indiana Governor Mike Pence
Indiana Governor Mike Pence
The governor of Indiana has issued a proclamation exempting motor carriers and drivers transporting propane in Indiana from regulations limiting their hours of service in the Indiana statute. The exemption, according to the proclamation, is effective until Jan. 31, unless otherwise extended or terminated by the governor.

The proclamation states that the severe winter weather and near-record cold temperatures have caused an increased demand for propane for home heating. With approximately 500,000 Hoosiers using propane to hear their homes, and the locally available supply being adequate to keep up, drivers have been forced to transport propane longer distances.

Ken Wagner, department manager for Starke County Farm Bureau Co-Op, told WKVI that drivers have been traveling significantly farther to find propane.

“We’re actually going out to Conway, Kan., to grab product. Headed to Belville, Texas to grab product – there’s just none here to be found right now. Everything has been put on allocation,” Wagner explained.

The Indiana statute limits the number of hours drivers may operate a commercial motor vehicles and with lone lines at propane terminals, slow travel due to bad weather, and longer driving distances, drivers are depleting their available hours. This makes it difficult to deliver propane.

This proclamation allows the drivers to travel farther distances and get the precious propane back to the Hoosier state with fewer traveling restrictions. The proclamation expires Jan. 31.