Hanley “Warren” Chapman Plea Agreement Rejected

Hanley Warren Chapman
Hanley Warren Chapman

A plea agreement for Hanley “Warren” Chapman was rejected by Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall Wednesday morning.

Judge Hall told those assembled in court that he had questions about the factual basis regarding his charge of Resisting Law Enforcement. According to court documents, Chapman was situated in a basement room when police were outside the home verbally attempting to get him out of the residence in North Judson. No physical force was used to take him into custody.

The judge also questioned the factual basis of the charge of criminal recklessness which was discussed in court. Chapman was asked if he remembered shooting a gun in the home on Aug. 7, 2013 and Chapman stated that he did but couldn’t say where his brother-in-law was located inside the home when the gun was fired. Chapman said his brother-in-law told Chapman that he was two feet from him when he fired three rounds into the living room floor. Chapman noted that he was highly intoxicated and doesn’t have much of a memory of the incident in question.

Judge Hall also took into account that Chapman could have a mental health issue. He inquired about Chapman’s status and Chapman told the judge that he feels he has mental issues and has been evaluated. He is seeking help for his alcohol abuse and is taking medication to stabilize his issues.

That information will be reviewed as well as other facets of this case and Chapman will return to court on Friday, Feb. 7 at 9 a.m. to determine how to proceed.