Indiana Beach Features Changes to 2014 Season


Four new rides will greet Indiana Beach visitors in the 2014 season.

The Baby Baron, Growler, Dragon Wagon and Rockin’ Tug are just a few of the new attractions this year.

The Baby Baron is located in Kiddyland and gives kids a chance to fly over the grounds with the ability to control the rise and fall of the plane. Dragon Wagon is a small roller coaster also in Kiddyland. This is an exciting ride for children as the coaster takes them up and over hills and around corners.

The family will be able to ride the Growler together as four people will board a classic tea cup which will take them spinning at a 20-degree angle, 7.5 feet in the air while the ride twists and turns. The family can also take a cruise on the Rockin’ Tug which gently spins, dips and peaks on water swells.

Bob Gallagher, Park President, stated that the Galaxi is being retired, but a new ride will take its place in 2015. More information on improvements will be released prior to the park’s opening on May 10, 2014.