INDOT Snow Plow Crews Are Working Overtime to Clear Roads

This rather snowy winter has snow plow drivers working on overdrive.

INDOT Spokesman Matt Deitchley told WKVI that snow plow drivers have been in full call out mode since Monday night. This means that 170+ snow plow routes have been fully staffed in order to keep roads safe for motorists.

Crews are working 12-or-more hours on alternating shifts so drivers are out 24 hours a day. They have been working these shifts for six straight days. Dozens of other employees are working around the clock in order to dispatch drivers and maintain the equipment. Operations managers are also attempting to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Deitchley indicated that the salt supply is in good shape. Supplies are stocked in the off season so there is enough to work with – even in the worst conditions.

Crews do the best they can with the situation they’re in. It took crews a while to open up roads during the snow storm in the Kankakee Valley two weeks ago due to heavy, blowing snow and stranded vehicles on roadways.

Remember to give snow plow workers plenty of time to work when snow is present on the roads and drive slowly.