January is National Radon Action Month

This month is National Radon Action Month according to the Environmental Protection Agency as health agencies throughout the country joining forces to promote awareness of the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. The American Lung Association, Centers for Disease Control and National Cancer Institute all agree that radon is a national health problem and encourage radon testing during the January awareness drive.

According to a press release from the Environmental Protection Agency, radon is a naturally occurring, invisible and odorless radioactive gas that is present in high levels in one in 15 American homes. The EPA says millions of Americans are unknowingly exposed to the dangerous gas, and a Harvard University study ranked radon as America’s leading in-home hazard.

There are simple steps you can take to test your home for radon and fix if necessary. If a home hasn’t been tested for radon in the past two years, EPA and the Surgeon General urge you to take action. Contact your state radon office for information on locating qualified test kits or qualified radon testers.

Learn more about National Radon Action Month at www.radonmonth.org.