Knox Park Board Discusses Concession Use Fee

Wythogan Park
Wythogan Park
Continuing in their effort to generate more revenue for parks in the city of Knox, the park board this week discussed further the possibility of a “concession use fee,” which would be charged to those who wish to rent the concession area and its attached storage. Currently, the park charges a 15 percent commission fee based on the user’s gross income, and while that had been doing well for some time offsetting the increased electrical cost associated with baseball leagues in the park, the income from that fee has been dropping.

Now, the park board has decided to review the usage agreement and the commission associated with the concession stand, and they are now trying to determine a fair and reasonable commission fee that would also help clear up any confusion regarding the 15 percent commission.

One possibility would include a $14–$15 per day usage fee for a multi-day function, which the park board expects would only help to offset the electrical use but provide very little additional income. A second idea includes leasing the concession area for the entire year, allowing it to be available and open to the public throughout the time the park is in use. This idea would generate income; however, local leagues wouldn’t benefit from the concession usage.

The park board did not reach a decision, and the concession fee discussion is likely to continue at later meetings.