LaPorte County DUI Task Force Complete Impaired Driving Patrols

Impaired driving patrols were conducted by the LaPorte County DUI Task Force in the month of December where 28 patrols were scheduled. These patrols included 173.75 hours of law enforcement time with 340 vehicles stopped by officers.

Members of the DUI Task Force issued 146 citations for traffic and criminal offenses plus 317 warnings for a total of 463 citations. Six offenders were arrested for misdemeanor charge of Driving Under the Influence and three were arrested for felony DUI. Nine additional suspects were arrested for criminal misdemeanors not related to DUI and six were arrested for unrelated felony charges.

The LaPorte County DUI Task Force is a partnership that is funded by a grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Officers from the LaPorte and Michigan City Police Departments and deputies from the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department make up the task force.