LaPorte Woman Victim of Fraud

A LaPorte woman was found to be a victim of fraud.

The victim told LaPorte police that she recently received notification that the PIN for her Indiana Child Support VISA card had been changed. She did not initiate the change. She also found three separate charges to her account in the amount of $393. All of the transactions were made in Elm Hornchurch, London, England.

According to LaPorte police, the victim believes that her card information was stolen as part of the Target store data breach that occurred over a period of time during the holidays.

Police say experts believe companies are vulnerable to hacking activity during the holiday season because companies reduce defenses and avoid changing the code for their websites and mobile applications. Officials fear their systems will break down during peak shopping times when many of their IT staff members are on vacation.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of fraud, call your local police department.