Local Man Loses $1,000 in Online Job Scam

LaPorte City Police Department detectives are investigating an online job scam.

The victim told police that he applied for several jobs online. He received an unsolicited email inquiry about surprise shopping. He would be given money to purchase groceries at a local market and provide feedback. If he had any money left over from his shopping trip, then he could keep it.

The victim was given a cashier’s check in his name in order to complete his task and deposited the check into his bank account. The victim was then informed he was paid too much and to send back the $1,000 he received via Western Union. The victim did what he was told. He later found out that the check was fraudulent and he had been scammed out of $1,000.

LaPorte police urge you to be scam smart. Never respond to unsolicited inquiries on the internet, over the phone or if a salesperson travels door to door.