Man Drives Van into LaPorte Pantry Building

The LaPorte County Prosecutor is reviewing a case to determine whether or not to file formal charges against a man who allegedly struck the LaPorte Pantry building with a van.

According to witness accounts, LaPorte police learned that a man driving a white van jumped a concrete parking stop, ran over the sidewalk and struck the front store windows causing damage.

A store employee reportedly told police that the driver of the van, who is a frequent visitor at the LaPorte Pantry, told her to call police and walked away from the scene.

While police were investigating the incident at the scene, a woman approached them and told them that her grandson told her that her husband just drove through the front of the store. The woman verified that her husband borrowed the van from their son just prior to the incident. She speculated that the reason why he walked from the scene was because his license was suspended. She didn’t know of his whereabouts when she talked to the officers.

A charge of Failure to Stop at an Accident and Driving While Suspended are being requested through paperwork submitted to the LaPorte County Prosecutor.