Marshall County Commissioners Approve Pay Raise for County Attorney

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a pay raise for the county attorney.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer brought up the recommendation at the conclusion of the commissioner’s meeting last week and stated Jim Clevenger has undertaken quite a few assignments by the commissioners and has done a good job in working for the county. As an example, Clevenger is working on a minimum of 12 intergovernmental agreements for the county for the upcoming Metronet agreement and more may be required. Overmyer said Clevenger has gone above and beyond to help the county in necessary legal matters.

Overmyer suggested raising Clevenger’s pay to $140 per hour, which is a $10 per hour increase. The suggestion was made into a motion and unanimously approved by all three commissioners: Kevin Overmyer, Jack Roose and Deb Griewank.