Marshall County Commissioners Receive Update on Metronet Project, Council Approves Funding

The Marshall County Commissioners was informed by County Attorney Jim Clevenger that he’s drafting several intergovernmental agreements for the Metronet project. Several engineering, bidding and contract agreements will be drawn up between the county and USI Consultants.

Clevenger stated that rights of way need to be acquired for the project and much of that needs to be taken care of in South Bend.

The Marshall County Council on Monday approved additional appropriations for the project. $150,000 will come from the Cumulative Capital Development fund and $350,000 will come from the Rainy Day fund to help pay for the county’s $500,000 portion of the project.

St. Joseph Valley Metronet will be laying down a fiber-optic network infrastructure from St. Joseph County to Plymouth with the cost being split between the county and the City of Plymouth. St. Joseph County, South Bend, the City of Plymouth and Marshall County are paying for the conduit for the project while other entities are paying for the telecommunications cable.

The project is expected to enhance the connectivity between businesses and residents with broadband capabilities.