Marshall County Commissioners Reorganize, Discuss Snow Event Efforts

The Marshall County Commissioners reorganized during a special meeting Friday afternoon.

A motion was made and approved to keep the current commission members in their capacities within the board. Kevin Overmyer was retained as president, Jack Roose as vice president and Deb Griewank as a member.

After the organization, the commissioners dove right into business for the new year. EMA Director Clyde Avery presented a request for a sub grant in the amount of $3,100 which would be used for purchasing computer and dispatch equipment for the emergency operational center and other needs.

Avery explained that this is reimbursable grant in which the county would need to pay the money up front first and then be reimbursed later from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The request was unanimously approved.

The commissioners commended Avery on his outstanding service during the snow storm with preparations and planning during the event. Avery commented that the commissioners helped in issuing the state of emergency to keep residents off the streets. Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck echoed that comment as it helped the snow plow drivers effectively remove snow the best they could. Haeck also reported that $21,308.84 in overtime was paid to workers during the Polar Vortex. Haeck also received compliments about the work the highway department workers did during the emergency situation.

Avery, Haeck and the commissioners will be working to gather numbers to submit to FEMA for reimbursement of funds. All reports are critical in obtaining any funds that may be available.