Marshall County Council Approves Grant Request

The Marshall County Council approved EMA Director Clyde Avery’s request to purchase equipment in a sub-grant agreement.

As per ordinance, Avery had to appear before the commissioners and the council for review and consideration of the grant request as it was more than $1,000.

Avery explained that he would apply for a $3,100 reimbursable grant which would be used to purchase computer and amateur radio equipment for the emergency management center. The county would need to pay the money up front and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security would reimburse the money.

The council unanimously approved the request. Now that the commissioners and council have both approved the request, notice can be sent to purchase the requested items.

Like the commissioners last week, the council members commended the EMA director, the county highway department and the sheriff’s department on their work during the snow emergency last week. They thought everything was handled very well and the workers did a great job.