Marshall County Highway Department Salt Supply Runs Low

 The Marshall County Highway Department has used quite a bit of salt in helping clear snow and ice covered roads this winter. 

 In his department report Tuesday morning, Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck told the commissioners that last year he ordered 1,000 tons of salt and didn’t use a lot of the supply. He ordered another 950 tons of salt in a later order and the department has gone through its supply.

 Haeck noted that his current contract with Cargill has expired and will be working to get more salt as soon as possible. Other counties are experiencing the same predicament. He added that he may need to work with other companies to keep up with demand. Haeck assured the commissioners that the highway workers are utilizing other compounds to mix with sand to help melt snow and ice on the roads in order to keep them passable for traffic.

 Things are in good shape,” he commented.