Marshall County Sheriff’s Contract Approved, Sheriff Asks for Change in Health Assistance at Jail


The Marshall County Commissioners discussed the sheriff’s salary contract for 2014 during their recent meeting.

The salary is approved each year and this year’s proposed salary is $82,215.38, which mirrors last year’s agreed sum.

The commissioners approved the contract and the Marshall County Council took action to approve the contract during their meeting Monday morning.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin asked the commissioners to consider dropping the contract with the Bowen Center and going with mental health providers through Quality Correctional Care, LLC. The company already provides health assistance at the Marshall County Correctional facility and the transition would be smooth. The amount paid would not be more than what the contract was with the Bowen Center.

The sheriff explained that the person who worked with the inmates and the personnel at the jail from the Bowen Center was leaving and the sheriff wanted to work with a company that he was familiar with that could provide the same level of service. The appointed health official from QCC would be able to assist the staff as well as inmates, plus provide training for the employees.

Sheriff Chamberlin commented that he’s extremely happy with QCC’s work at the jail. A reduction of health issues has been noted along with the need for medications.

The request was approved and the sheriff will sign the agreement to move forward with the transition.