Marshall County Sheriff’s Department to Get New Vehicles, Highway Supt. Reports on Safety Meeting

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a prepayment in the amount of $73,526 for the sheriff’s department.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin explained that three new vehicles will be delivered on Monday, Jan. 27 and a prepayment is needed in order to complete the transaction. The vehicles will need to be equipped with light bars and other pertinent equipment that needs to be installed in a police cruiser.

Three vehicles will be traded in as part of the deal.

The commissioners also heard from Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck who recently attended a school safety meeting with local and state law enforcement, Plymouth school officials and INDOT. They discussed how all facets were handled during the recent snow event which closed schools and roads due to heavy snow and blowing and drifting snow.

Haeck said all participants said the networking is going along smoothly. The school lets the highway department know what roads are particularly bad and they address those issues. The highway department workers were able to clear snow more effectively and safely when the emergency declaration was made and police could get to emergencies as dispatched.

Another meeting is scheduled in the fall to discuss more issues.