North Judson Unsafe Hearing Authority to Meet Next Week

The North Judson Unsafe Hearing Authority will meet next week to discuss four properties housing potentially unsafe structures. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said the property owners have been notified in writing of the meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the North Judson Civic Center.

Two properties in question, 302 Jones St. and 307 E. State St., house allegedly dilapidated auxiliary buildings that must be addressed, while the main buildings at 108 E. Sycamore and 214 Lane St. are said to be in disrepair.

The authority will review the properties at the meeting and if the owner or a representative is present to report on it, they may consider granting an extension if the landowner has made progress in repairing the state of the building.