Plans Under Way for 2014 Starke County Relay for Life

Ericka Taylor-Joseph
Ericka Taylor-Joseph

Starke County Relay for Life organizers have set Saturday, June 21 as the date for this year’s annual American Cancer Society fundraiser. Chair Ericka Taylor-Joseph says this year’s theme is “Holidays of Hope.”

“We’re going to celebrate every holiday that we can with a different activity, so it’s a little bit different than we’ve had in the past. We’re going to have an Easter egg hunt, trick-or-treating for Halloween, and those types of things. We’re pretty excited that we’ll have a lot of family-friendly activities,” said Taylor-Joseph.

So far 20 teams have signed up. Taylor-Joseph says they’d like to have 40 or more. She adds the level of involvement is up to each individual team.

“We would like for you to do fund raising, come to each team captains meeting every month and those types of things, but there are teams that only do online. They just sign up online, all of their team members sign up, and they raise funds that way through their Facebook or emails or letters, whatever it may be. We also have full-fledged teams that want to come to every team captain’s meeting. They want to raise as much money as they can and be involved in the event. It really depends on what level of comfort you have,” Taylor-Joseph said.

Taylor-Joseph says Starke County Relay for Life has an overall fundraising goal of $67,000 this year.

“We raised $66,000 last year, so I think it’s very doable. For such a small community, we all come together and raise this enormous amount of money. There are larger communities that have a harder time than we do. I’m proud to be a part of this community that can do so much with so few,” said Taylor-Joseph.

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