Plymouth Woman Arrested on Drug Related Charges after Traffic Stop


A Plymouth woman was arrested Tuesday shortly before 11 a.m. ET after police found something other than sugar and cream in her coffee.

An Indiana State Police Trooper pulled over a vehicle on U.S. 30 near Tulip Road in Marshall County for an infraction. The officer reportedly recognized the driver, 51-year-old Teresa Tapia, from past drug related incidents.

Within minutes, a Plymouth Police Department K9 handler and the dog arrived on the scene. The K9 walked around the vehicle and indicated that drugs may be present in the car. Tapia was asked to exit the vehicle and to leave a coffee cup in her car but she refused and attempted to swallow something from the cup.

Tapia was removed from the vehicle’s driver’s seat by officers and a struggle ensued. She continued to clutch the coffee cup and drink its contents. She was placed into handcuffs after the altercation.

Upon further investigation, officers reportedly discovered a coffee filter inside the coffee cup. The investigating officer recognized this as a common occurrence with methamphetamine users. The filters are used to filter the meth as it is being produced. That used filter contains meth remnants and it is put inside a drink in order to consume the leftover product. The coffee filter in this case allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine.

Teresa Tapia was arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of Methamphetamine and Resisting Arrest. She is being held in the Marshall County Jail.