Power Restored at West Central Schools


Power has been restored to the West Central School Corporation after an accident yesterday at Highways 421 and 14 in Pulaski County knocked out power to the school and to the town of Francesville.

Superintendent Charles Mellon told WKVI that they sent students home early yesterday, but had difficulty in communicating the information to parents. With no power, Mellon commented that they got the word out as best they could. Most of the corporation’s communication is done electronically so improvisation was done quickly to inform parents of the early dismissal. Mellon said the biggest fear is to send children home where there isn’t anyone there. Only three of those instances occurred and those children went back to the school until there was a time in which an adult could properly supervise that child outside of school.

Mellon added that the corporation’s wind turbine does not act as a generator when electricity is interrupted. The turbine is powered by electricity and it shuts down when power does not feed the device.

Some damage was done to ballasts, fuses and pump motors as well as surge protectors so those items will be replaced. A claim will be submitted to the responsible party’s insurance for reimbursement.