Pulaski Council to Advertise $150,000 Ambulance Transfer

The Pulaski County Council last night agreed to advertise a $150,000 transfer for the EMS Department to purchase a new ambulance from Arrow Manufacturing. The transfer will also cover the cost for equipment to be mounted within the ambulance and stock it with the necessary supplies for paramedic services.

The council approved the transfer at the request of Chris Hudson with the EMS Department, who explained that the bids came in lower than they had originally planned; he said he previously expected the costs to come in at around $150,000, but the bid they chose put the cost of the rig at $129,900, leaving $41,000 to be used to equip the truck.

However, Hudson also told the council that they will also eventually need to perform some work on the ambulance garage to allow them to store the vehicles, as the new rigs are taller and wider than the older ambulances.

The council approved a motion to advertise for the $150,000 transfer.