Pulaski County Commissioners President Praises Blizzard Efforts

WKVI News is publishing the following at the request of President of the Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady:

On behalf of all the Pulaski County Commissioners we say, Thank you, for a job well done by all the citizens of Pulaski County! We never want to experience a natural disaster or wish anyone to be involved in one. But with our latest storm, many realized the dangers or joys that could be involved. Whether you became stuck, lost power, ran out of food, or even helped a neighbor or stranger! It is my hopes that you realized that working together, all things are possible.

All the State, County and Local agency that did their jobs without hesitation! The Pulaski County Highway department was out in full force stepping up and going above and beyond! Sheriff Gayer and his complete staff out did themselves again! Public Safety is always forefront in an emergency. Nikki Lowry with Pulaski County EMS and her crew provided excellent coverage. Sherry Fagner of the Pulaski County Health Department did an outstanding job with communicating on Facebook and working with REACT and filling in where needed.

The direction of Pulaski County EMA Director, Larry Hoover cannot be overlooked. Putting in extra hours to assure the overall direction of managing this “Blizzard of 2014”. The behind the scenes actions and cooperation of all county employees and office holders is greatly appreciated.

The countless efforts of Pulaski County citizens and business owners cannot be overlooked! The voluntary efforts can only be repaid with our thanks and appreciation!

For some, it wasn’t a popular decision to close the county! However, it was the right decision! I’m sure parents were ready to get the kids back to school. And all businesses that closed down were glad to open up again. Safety of all, was the driving force in the decisions we made!

Yes, we heard of those that chose to take a “negative” approach and voiced their feelings. Please take time, reflect and be thankful for the things we do have! I believe the good outweighed negative! I’m sure, the dad and son who were lost in the country, with little supply of gas and losing cellphone power, were thankful! Our Sheriff department, was able to track them down with the help of many people and the use of the surplus military vehicles.
I will be glad for the spring to get here!

Thank you for a job well done! Strong work!


Larry L. Brady
President, Pulaski County Commissioner