Snow Removal and Potholes Keeping INDOT Crews Busy

More potholes have erupted from the recent bout of extreme weather and Indiana Department of Transportation workers will be making another effort to fill those blemishes on interstates, U.S. highways and state routes.

Historically low temperatures gave way to a 50 degree swing in less than 24 hours.

Crews in the Northwest Indiana District have been on alternating 12-hour shifts for the majority of the last month to ensure roads are being maintained 24 hours a day. When crews are not removing snow, they are patching potholes day and night as quickly as possible.

INDOT uses a cold mix as a temporary patch until the weather warms up. The cold mix consists of a mixture of small stone and liquid asphalt. Even after being filled with patch, the same pothole requires ongoing maintenance and can reopen several times throughout the winter. When the asphalt plants reopen in the spring, INDOT maintenance crews will clean out and repair potholes with a hot mix which provides a smoother, more permanent fix.

To report potholes on a numbered state route, interstate or U.S. highway in Northwest Indiana call 1-855-GO-INDOT.