Starke Commissioners Give Green Light for CR 300 E–SR 8 Project Bids

Charles Weaver
Charles Weaver
The Starke County Commissioners at their meeting yesterday morning approved a request from Charlie Weaver, executive director of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, to authorize the SCEDF to proceed with the bidding process for the County Road 300 East–State Road 8 intersection improvement project. Weaver explained that this reconstruction of the intersection will improve the accessibility of the industrial park for large trucks, which currently have a very difficult time turning onto County Road 300 East or State Road 8 as they attempt to enter or leave the industrial park.

Weaver explained that half of the cost of the project will be covered by the state, while 40 percent will be paid by the county and 10 percent will be covered by the SCEDF. He requested permission from the commissioners to request bids, having already submitted specifications and other documents to the state as required.

Weaver said it is important to get these bids soon to allow construction to take place in the spring. He said it should be a short project, as it only requires the reconstruction of the south half of the intersection to accommodate truck traffic. He said it is too dangerous to wait until an accident happens and it is a hindrance to the county’s ability to attract industry to the park.

Easements have been acquired for the project, and Bob Alloy with Territorial Engineering said they have already begun to coordinate with utility companies as part of the project. He said the project will require utilization of the Davis-Bacon Wage System, and it is estimated to cost around $1 million total, but Alloy said he expects the project to come in under budget.

The commissioners approved a motion to authorize Territorial Engineering and the SCEDF to proceed with the bid process.