Starke Council, Commissioners Make Appointments, Reorganize

In their first meetings of the new year, the Starke County Council and the county commissioners reorganized their boards and made their necessary appointments to various boards and committees. The Starke County Commissioners reorganized, electing Jennifer Davis, the lone Democrat, as the president and Kent Danford as vice-president. Kathy Norem, previously the president, will now act as secretary. For the council, no changes were made; Dave Pearman will remain president with Mitch Semans as vice-president. Martin Lucas will serve as attorney to both the commissioners and the council.

The boards also made their appropriate appointments. The commissioners appointed Jennifer and Joseph Wodjula to the KIRPC Board, and on the Planning Commission, Denise Thomas replaced Butch Richie while Jeff Fosler replaced Don White.

On the Library Board, Judy Troike replaces Michalene Houston. The commissioners also appointed Kent Danford as the commissioner to serve on the 911 Committee and the Safety Committee.

The council, meanwhile, appointed Marvin McLaughlin to the KIRPC Board and Bryan Cavender to the Planning Commission. Kenny Wallace was appointed to the Alcoholic Beverage Board while Tony Radkiewicz will serve on the Solid Waste Board. The council appointed Rebecca Ferch to the PTABOA Board and Tom Camire to the Koontz Lake Sewer District Board.

For the 911 Board, council members Bob Sims, Freddie Baker, Dave Pearman, and Bryan Cavender will serve. Finally, Mitch Pearman was appointed to the Economic Development Board.

For the full list of appointments, click here.